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Committed to exceptional customer service, Chopper’s Kisses is a one-of-a-kind boutique offering hair and fashion accessories. Our products are fun, attractive, and rendered with explicit attention to detail–we take pride in the durability of our hand-crafted items. We continually seek to innovate by offering new products that are inspired by our desire to provide our customers the very best in hair accessories and fashion items. Passionate about what we do, you’ll find that our dedication to excellence is apparent in the detail of our work, the world-class service that we provide, and the continual innovation shown in our product line.

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The name “Choppers Kisses”was inspired by our treasured family dog “Chopper”. Like so many special friends and companions that come into our lives and leave an indelible mark, Chopper passed away before his time, on Feb 16 2010. He was the kind of happy soul that only saw the good in everyone he met and the Angels could not have sent us a kinder, more devoted companion. We wanted his memory to live on in another venture that is near and dear to our hearts. So please enjoy the collections we have to share.

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